our passion

Our passion is to experiment

ITAKA is the result of decades of our experience in the production of accessories for catering, combined with the study and research of the most innovative materials.

We designed and developed Kurame®, a unique compound in regenerated leather fiber, with exceptional properties in terms of shape and durability. ITAKA wants to bring to the market our definition of high-level “mise en place”.

our talent

Our talent is design

The Italian genius is famous all over the world as an example of excellence in three specific areas: fashion, food, design.

ITAKA expresses in one message all three areas, thanks to the creativity of its designers and to a design that aims at the most sophisticated aesthetic research and functional efficiency.

our target

ITAKA addresses to the high range of the hotel and catering industry, with the confidence of creating value for its customers, thanks to the perception of a unique style, a refined design and the unquestioned quality of the materials and craftsmanship made in Italy.

ITAKA also manufactures office accessories and furniture, as his interpretation of “beauty” is accessible at all times of the day.

our brand


The Homeric poem to which we were inspired tells of the adventurous journey of Ulysses towards Ithaca, his land, his home, the place of affections. ITAKA is our “homecoming”, our entrepreneurial challenge born to tell a story that speaks of tradition and roots. ITAKA is experimentation and research to reach a precise goal: a product that retains its original characteristics, but lends itself to the most heterogeneous uses.

A brand that represents an emotional journey in the choice of materials and shapes, in the Italian design, in the artisanal production for the catering, the office and the daily life.

Sharing, consulting and attention to the needs of your life. So that in every environment you may feel good, like at home.