All ITAKA accessories are made in Italy.

Kurame was created from the processing of tanning scraps and residues of leather and skins. The blend resulting from the mechanical grinding, once the production is finished, is painted and embossed with drawings reproducing the real animal leather. The products we manufacture come from processes merging the tradition of craftsmanship with the use of cutting-edge technology.

In the Venetian dialect, the “curàme” is the name of the leather. An ancient, originally a working-class word, which defines the residual material of the care of leather. Our grandparents taught us not to waste anything, and we chose to dedicate ourselves to this material to extend the life of a typical product of our territory. A raw material that does not lose its peculiar qualities during the processing and that can always be regenerated.

Kurame® is waterproof, washable, and retains its substantial characteristics over time, as designed to withstand wear. Our respect for the environment has led us to invest in the future, on the sustainability of production, to add an important piece to the leather processing cycle. The regenerated material thus acquires new life and finds its usefulness in everyday life.

History and innovation

The tanning industry in Veneto developed in the post-war period, mainly in the thriving district of Vicenza.
The choice of this name wants to be a tribute to the simplicity of a rural tradition of which Italy is soaked, and to the industrious ingenuity typical of our land. The particular formulation of Kurame® has given life to a unique material for functional, tactile and visual qualities.

Kurame® is a product: